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Bandsaw Overview

What is a Band saw?

A Danobat bandsawA band saw machine uses a blade consisting of a continuous band of metal with teeth along one edge. The band saw blade runs around two wheels and is guided through the cut by rigid carbide pads. Band sawing produces uniform cutting action as a result of an evenly distributed tooth load. They are particularly useful for cutting irregular or curved shapes, but can also be used to produce straight cuts. The radius of a curve that can be cut on a particular saw is determined by the width of the band and its lateral flexibility.

Prosaw have the largest range of saws of any UK supplier, ranging from budget price mitre saws to machines able to cut 2000mm diameter.

When should use I manual band saws or automatic band saws? How do they work?

Gravity feed saws fall under their own weight against a hydraulic cylinder which has a control valve. Common in small saws. Hydraulic feed saws use a positive pressure hydraulic piston to advance the saw through the work. Common in production saws.

An automatic saw is a term given to a sawing machine that, once set up by the operator, can feed a length of material through the saw cutting lengths off at a programmed size. The saw will keep running until the programmed number of cuts has been completed, or the machine runs out of material, when it will then switch itself to standby mode. Automatic band saws feature preset feed rate, return, fall, part feeding, and part clamping. These are used in production environments where having a machine operator per saw is not practical. One operator can feed and unload many automatic saws. Some automatic saws rely on numerical control to not only cut faster, but to be more precise and perform more complex miter cuts.

What is the difference between horizontal band saws and vertical band saws?

Vertical bandsaws and horizontal Band sawsBand saws are available in vertical and horizontal designs. Horizontal band saws may employ a gravity-fed blade or the rate of descent may be controlled by a hydraulic cylinder bleeding through an adjustable valve. When the saw is set up for a cut, the operator raises the saw by hand and the material is clamped in place and the saw is turned on, the blade slowly descending into the material, cutting it as the band blade moves. When the cut is complete, a switch is tripped and the saw automatically turns off.

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Can I cut at mitre angles using Prosaw band saws?

Yes, Mitre or pivot band saws hinge in an arc as they advance through the work. Prosaw can provide a range of different mitre band saws depending on the application.

Single column or twin column band saws, what is the benefit of one over the other?

Single column band saws have a large diameter column that the entire saw rides up and down on, very similar to a drill press.

Twin column band saws have a pair of large columns, one on either side of the work, for very high rigidity and precision. The twin column setup is unable to make use of a miter base due to inherent design. Twin column saws are the largest variety of machine band saws encountered, to the point where some make use of a rotary table and X axis to perform complex cutting.

Can Prosaw service band saw and provide band saw blades?

Of course! In fact, we have nine directly employed service engineers are backed by spares valued at £250,000 and a spares box system for a fast response should one be necessary .

Prosaw supply a large variety of band saw blades to fit your requirements including many different ready to use band saw blade types and lengths. Advancements have been made in the band saw blades used to cut metals and the development of new band saw blade tooth geometries and tooth pitches have produced increased production rates and greater band saw blade life.

Custom built bandsaw system

I have a very specific requirement for a band saw that is not in a standard range, can Prosaw help?

One of Prosaws strengths is its depth of range built up over its 60 years of trading is to provide special designed band saws for what ever the application. We know all the saw manufacturers in the world and we would be pleased to assist you with any non-standard enquiries.

Why should I choose Prosaw over other saw suppliers?

Prosaw Ltd was established in 1963 to specialise in metal sawing machinery but now provide a comprehensive range of machinery including all types of metal cutting band saws, circular saws, materials handling, steelworkers, machining centres, metal forming equipment, waterjet cutting machines and special bespoke machinery designed and built by Prosaw's in-house engineers. Prosaw are sole U.K. sales and servicing agents for some of the worlds leading sawing machine manufacturers. Prosaw operate with a large team of directly employed service engineers, with many years experience of metal sawing as well as hotline support and certified training service. Compare Prosaw with Sawcraft.

Our Band saw Suppliers


With 70 years, Bauer have a strong reliable reputation producing vertical and horizontal bandsaws which include 6 metre feed automatics.


The Bomar range consists of both pivot and twin column; manual, semi automatic and fully automatic mitre cutting bandsaws.


Bonetti OPUS Cutting Solutions - Horziontal and Vertical Bandsaws


Danobat develop world class machine tools and production systems including horizontal and vertical sawing machines along with cutting and drilling lines.


Fuho manufacture a large range of vertical bandsaws ranging from manually operated models with a 350mm throat through to large semi-automatic machines with hydraulic powered tables.


HYDMECH - Horizontal Bandsaws and Circular Cold Saws


Established in 1975, Karmetal provide solutions to the automotive industry and manufacturing a large range of both manual, semi-automatic and automatic band saw machines.


Since 1980, MEGA machine Co. have been manufacturing high quality pivot action and twin column band saws.


Reimu's manufacturer friction bandsaws which are used for steel cladding and profile cutting of steel pressing etc.


Temelsan range consists of vertical machines with cutting capacities up to 1150mm x 810mm and also includes long stroke machines for plates and sections.


Thomas - Horziontal Bandsaws & Circular Saws


Waytrain offers a very extensive range of band saws capable to meet a diverse range of machining needs. These include manual bandsaws, automatic bandsaws, twin column band sawing machines, mitre cutting machine and one of the world's most popular range of machines.