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Manual Band Saw Machines

Prosaw supply a large range of manual bandsaws including horizontal bandsaw and vertical bandsaws through to heavy duty bandsaws and twin column bandsaws. Different bandsaw models within the range have varying functionality including one and two way mitre cutting from 90° to 45°, variable bandsaw blade speed, laser illuminated cutting line and quick lock vices.

These manual bandsaws can cut different materials including stainless steel, inconel, and super alloys whether they be as solid bar, sectional or tube.

Listed below are some of our range of manual band saws...

Waytrain UE250A

Manual Horizontal Bandsaw, 4 Fixed Blade Speeds. More than 500 machines throughout the UK!

Waytrain WE270DS

Dual operation mitre cutting bandsaw. Can be used either as a gravity feed machine or in pulldown mode.

Waytrain UE250SSA

Manual Horizontal Bandsaw, Variable Blade Speed and One Way Mitre up to 45 degrees

Bomar Workline 410.280DG

Manual horizontal bandsaw with a swing head for easy mitring up to 60°

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Prosaw can demonstrate many types of manual bandsaws using different materials at their Kettering Saw Showroom.